FIANS Policies


Policy on policy development

Accommodation Policy

Records Retention Policy

Bursary Policy

Policy on distribution of certificates

Conflict of Interest Policy

Website postings Policy (Nov 2014)

Conference Venue Policy

Facilitator Policy

Local Activity Procedural Policy

Membership Fee Policy (July 2019)

Member Retirement Policy

Expenditures Policy (January 2020)

* Please Note, there is a Budget Policy and Procedure document.
If a Member is interested in viewing this document, please request a copy from the Administrative Assistant or your Local Representative. *



Honourary membership policy



Registration policy for professional studies program (August 2019)

Exam pass-fail-rewrite policy

Policy on challenging exams - Level 2 (December 2012)

Policy on course participation (December 2012)

Policy on course cancellation (April 2013)