The Fire Inspectors Association of Nova Scotia (FIANS) is a provincial association that was founded in 1994 as a not for profit organization and represents individuals and organizations that are dedicated to saving lives and property through the prevention of fires.

As President of FIANS, I am honored to work with our community partners and the dedicated individuals on the Board of Directors and within the membership to provide educational opportunities and collaboration on fire inspection activities. FIANS provides our members with a comprehensive professional studies program, which has, as it’s overall mission, the enhancement of human and organizational performance as it relates to the use and application of codes and standards.

I am happy to announce that the spring 2024 education conference is now open for registration. We will be meeting the week of May 5th at Oak Island Resort and you can sign up today on the website. This will be an opportunity for you to join us in Level 1, Level 2 and continuing education sessions. Lots of interesting topics being covered so check it out.

As for our offerings, the home study program is a stand alone program and part of the requirements for Level 1 certification. Level 1 certification requires you to complete a number of courses and takes about 2 years to complete as these courses are only offered through our in person conferences which take place twice a year. Level 2 certification builds on that and takes about 4 years to complete and is achieved in the same manner. FIANS is confident in the depth and breadth of our programming and invite you to join us to increase your knowledge in this area.

As an association we are always here for our members and others in the community to help better understand the fire inspection field. Please take the opportunity to explore our website and if you have any questions then please feel free to contact us at

Greg Jones, ECFO President